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Things That Don’t Happen to Most People While Showering

  • Slipping on the front steps while carrying your five gallons of hot shower water and falling into the snow, naked.
  • Having to shower in a slightly hunched position, because you neglected to keep the train clear and a solid four inches of ice has formed in the bottom of your shower, causing your head to bump into your shower jug, which is propped on a 2×4 across the top of the shower.
  • Worrying about icicles falling onto your head while showering.
  • Having toads actually jump onto your head while showering.
  • Being slightly concerned about developing frostbite on…sensitive…areas.
  • Having to repeatedly brush the ice off your legs and arms as it forms.
  • Dropping your bar of soap into the snow as you walk out to the shower. You then have to rummage in the snow, naked, until you find it.
  • Showering in the dark because the sun hasn’t come up yet. If it happens to be storming, lightning may help with this.
  • BeingĀ concernedĀ about boaters out on the lake getting a surprise glimpse of you in the shower.
  • And finally…having the option to shower in the warm, mostly unused, locker room at work, and still preferring to shower outside in the cold at home just because of the experience of it all, and because you get to dry off and warm up in front of the open door of your wood stove afterwards.

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  1. Ging says:

    I can’t imagine undergoing any of that but am not surprised that you obviously enjoy it – in some twisted way!

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