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The Dilemma of the Digital vs. Paper Journal

I don’t like writing about negative experiences or thoughts in this journal. I think it’s partly because I’m not comfortable with sympathy from others, and I feel that my problems are my own. Because of this, my journal has a misleading positive bias. This is a problem for me mainly because a big motivation for writing is so I can go back later and understand what I was thinking and feeling at the time.

From time to time, I’ve kept a written journal as well. This tends to have the opposite problem, and I write repetitive overly emotional sappy heart-vomit, which is also not an accurate reflection of my life. More so though, my hand just cramps up because I’m not used to writing that much, and I give up. Or lose it. The journal, that is.

What I’m really doing here is beating around the bush. Taylor and I broke up this past weekend, but we’re on good terms, and are still seeing each other. We just aren’t a couple.

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  1. Bette Eggers says:

    Justus, I appreciate your concern but I see it differently. You are writing in this journal for family and friends – a lot of people. For the “public” not for your eyes only as with your hand written private jounal. Any intelligent person reading this journal knows when he reads it that you must have had thoughts and experiences, as any of us would, that are perhaps more negative than you’ve disclosed. Your writing is balanced, true, descriptive, and makes one want to read more. It’s healthy to write your deepest emotions on paper and to share them, if you want, with whomever you choose. We all have many people we love but usually choose only one or two with whom to share our deepest feelings from among them. We may share certain thoughts and experiences with one trusted loved one and something else with another – or none of it with anyone! When you’re 77 years old and read those private journals for the first time in many decades, you’ll see it differently! Keep writing! (and, I’ll bet that when you re read your “misleading positive” entries tomorrow or next week or next year, you do understand what you were thinking and feeling at the time even though all of that isn’t expressly written down. :)

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